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About Me

Muralist, painter, sculptor, designer - I believe that "art's" limit ends at the imagination, and begins with curiosity. Born in Washington, D.C. with a paintbrush in my hand, my mission is to light up and activate spaces through art. I currently reside in Charlotte, N.C. however, the world is my playground when it comes to creation, as a locally sourced and world-traveled artist.

My  Art

With vibration, imagination, passion, and dynamism, I create.

I communicate visually, merging realistic elements with imagination: displaying what words cannot say. I transcend into the subconscious to express culturally relevant themes, in order to increase visibility and provoke conversation.

My goal is to create art that evokes love, life, and unity. Art is powerful; and I share this power to (1) embody the holisticness of our world, (2) remind us that everything is connected, so we should treat ourselves, people, and this earth well, and (3) to use our uniqueness, gifts, and imagination to make this universe a more incredible place.

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