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My Work

Check out these projects which include my experience in art direction, graphic design, murals, set design, and more. 

Muralist for Care in Action - Charleston, SC 

Designed a mural emphasizing African American Civil Rights leaders and activist in Charleston, North Carolina. Researched and analyzed eminent female politicians and figures to envision and turn them into superheroes. Prepped the surface, sketched out the design using chalk, and ultimately painted in the mural with selected colors. Designed sketches, highlighted concepts and illustrations to fit the dimensions of an 1800 sq. ft wall at 3320 Rivers Avenue in North Charleston, SC.

Illustrator for Capital One

Created, in collaboration with designer Kristin Cooke, a thought-provoking illustration for the 2022 Capital One Intersectionality Symposium to be featured on the website, which was ultimately used on printed materials such as t-shirts, posters, flyers, and postcards. This design was applied as a visual aid for intersectionality, and created using traditional mediums as well as Adobe Photoshop artistically working alongside the theme of colliding perspectives harmoniously.

Graphic Designer for iMeck

Creatively worked and collaborated with team members rebranding the school by planning and implementing new color concepts and digital illustrations of the proposed mascots and school walls. Designed the iMoji Mascots.

Muralist for Care in Action - Columbia, SC 

Created a mural on a 490 sq. ft wall from scratch showcasing the significance of African American women leaders in society in coordination with the directors of the Care in Action organization. Conducted in-depth research on culturally important and historic African American women from South Carolina for the installation on a wall at 3604 West Beltline Blvd in Columbia, SC. Highlighted the importance of the women displayed in the mural using a mixed neon color pallet with a black surface. Integrated interactive elements in the art for observers to write, draw, and play games.

Storyboard Artist for Scott Lazer

Created engaging storyboards for music videos in collaboration with Scott Lazer on a pitch for J. Cole. Translated his vision of Chaining Day and Forbidden Fruit. Participated in team meetings to analyze and understand client and director vision. Designed and produced storyboards using Adobe Photoshop, presented the description of each scene with narration; this resulted in being pitched to J. Cole. The artwork was also utilized as examples in lectures at Harvard University in 2019.

Freelance Artist

Designed digital illustrations in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator for various companies including: Kids Shopping Network, The Garden City Homestead Association, Playtime Edventures, and more.  As well as created children illustrations and set designs using traditional mediums. 

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